This section is definitely a work in progress!  As more photographs are reviewed,
scanned and compiled, these albums will change and grow.  Enjoy what we have
so far, but bookmark this site and make plans to return and check the photo
collections again.  We are working to find and include photos from Edith's entire
lifespan, and hope you will find them endearing, amusing, and enlightening.

Use the woodgrain navigation buttons below to proceed to the era you wish to
view. From each era page, you will then be able to link to that album.  The album
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Here's a link to a newly created movie about missing Edith, following the sale of her
former home in Ann Arbor in June 2008:  
Missing Edith
(opens with Windows Media Player only)

If you have any photos of Edith you would like to share, please contact us.  You
can e-mail us digitized pictures, or mail in regular pictures and we will scan and
return them to you.  If you'd like to discuss any pictures you may have, please get
in touch with us via the form on our
Contact page.
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