Here are some links to a few meaningful pieces of music.  Please be aware
that music files are quite large, and may take some time to load, depending
on the speed of your Internet connection.  These are all .wma (Windows Media
Player) files to allow for widest compatibility. Left-click each link to play the
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Edith's Favorites:

Un Bel Di Vendremo (One Fine Day He Will Return) ... An aria from Giacomo
Puccini's "Madame Butterfly", sung here by Maria Callas.  This was definitely
Edith's favorite opera, and may have been her favorite piece of music.

You Is My Woman Now Bess ... This delightful duet from Gershwin's 1935 folk
opera "Porgy & Bess" was another special favorite.  This 1951 recording
features Lawrence Winters and Camilla Williams.

I Stayed Too Long At The Fair ... Edith loved Barbra Streisand records
enormously, and listened to them often during the 1960's and 70's.  This 1963
release may have had special meaning for her.

Sunrise, Sunset ...  From the 1964 release of the original Broadway cast
recording of "Fiddler On The Roof", this evocative song features Zero Mostel
and Maria Karnilova.

I Got Plenty of Nuttin' ... Another iconic American tune from "Porgy & Bess".
This song probably resonated with Depression-era Americans like Edith and
her parents, Barnet and Dorothy.

The Way We Were ... Another evocative Barbra Streisand song, this title track
from a 1973 film is an exploration of love and memory.

Additional Musical Material:

As I Lay Me Down ... This is the song by Sophie B Hawkins, whose lyrics were
read as part of Edith's graveside eulogies.  (See
Eulogies page)

Hallelujah ...  k.d. lang sings this Leonard Cohen tune of faith and love.

Missing ...  An evocative song by Everything But The Girl.  Used as the sound-
track to a new short movie available on the
Photos page.

My Immortal ... This haunting ballad by the band Evanescence explores loss
and grief at the departure of a loved one.
Technical Notes:  In an effort to present Edith's favorite music as authentically as possible, her original records of
most of the favorites have been used.  Some of these recordings are on vinyl LP discs that are
60+ years old, and
not in the best condition.  A few of the songs have been digitally processed to remove excess noise using Pyro
software, however some scratches on the surface of the source discs are still audible. This is unavoidable, but
should not detract from the overall listening experience.  Please download for personal use only.  
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