Here are some links to professional work and charitable
organizations that may be of interest
(updated 2020).  

If you are interested in helping establish an award in Dr. Edith Gomberg's name at the Research Society on
Alcoholism, click the link:  
Research Society on Alcoholism

Edith was an avid supporter of the Humane Society of Huron Valley.  Click the link to visit their website and
make a donation in Edith's name:
Humane Society of Huron Valley

Another worthwhile animal aid organization Edith supported was Alley Cat Allies.  They help rescue feral cats
and try to give them a better life.  Click the link to visit their site:
Alley Cat Allies

A list of some of the published research that Edith was involved with at The University of Michigan, and earlier
in her career, under the name "Edith S. Lisansky Gomberg":
Edith S. Lisansky Gomberg at ResearchGate

And here's their list of research that Edith published under the name "Edith Gomberg":
Edith Gomberg at ResearchGate

Transcript of testimony that Edith gave to a US Senate committee in 1981. Her portion is farther down, after a
brief humorous exchange with subcommittee chairman Gordon J. Humphrey:

Senate Subcommittee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse testimony

Here's a link to the University of Michigan Dept of Psychiatry Substance Abuse Section obituary of Edith:
UM Department of Psychiatry

An article from concerning alcoholism and aging, with extensive citations from Edith's research: alcoholism and aging article

Edith was quoted in a 1996 Michigan Daily article about how students (and faculty) spent Thanksgiving.  (You
may have to click the "Impatient?" link...)  
archived Michigan Daily article

If you would like to buy any of Edith's books that are mass-marketed, here is a link to some of them:
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