original recipe of Edith's mother, Dorothy Silverglied
          works best if cooked in a heavy cast iron pot

2 large onions                                                        paprika, salt
3 cloves of garlic                                                    cup of water
4 stalks of celery                                                    some red wine
brisket of beef, 3-4 lbs.                                          1 TBS shortening

Cut up the onions, garlic and celery and saute in shortening.  Add salt & paprika.  
Wash the brisket, season with salt and paprika.  Place the meat on top of the
vegetables and cover tightly.  Cook at least one hour on a low heat; turn the meat
and cook another hour.  Check the meat with a fork and cook a little longer if it is
not tender.

Take the meat out of the pot and place it on a wooden cutting board.  Slice.  Put
the slices back into the pot, adding water, and - if desired- some red wine.  
Simmer for half an hour.  Can be served with rice, noodles, pilaf or potatoes.

This is the original recipe as published in the Multi-Ethnic Alliance of Ann Arbor
Cookbook in 1985.  Personal variations of the recipe by members of Edith's family
include using carrots and other vegetables; adding a bay leaf or two; putting in
additional fresh veggies for the final half-hour of cooking; and cooling the dish so
that some of the fat can be skimmed off before final serving.
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